A treat for your playful customers

Present yourself with a promotion that’s always appealing, never pushy.

GIMMO Virtual Promoter

Get acquainted with an absolute novelty in the world of interactive advertising!

You have a unique chance to appeal to your clients in an entirely nonstandard and fresh way. The “GIMMO Virtual Promoter” project will virtually become a shop window for your presentation.

The Virtual Promoter is a unique concept developed by German agency ameria. The company ppm factum is proud to be the exclusive partner of “Virtual Promoter by ameria” for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Touch-free panel

Gesture control makes it possible to:

Communicate a lot of information in a highly entertaining format.

Process and introduce your offer in an original way.

Expose potential customer to your promotion for much longer and in a non-aggressive way which cannot be done in any other advertising format.

Simply control projection content on-line.

Collect data about the number of passive and active users and total number of passersby, evaluate effectiveness.

Communicate with customers via a life size virtual person (virtual assistant).

Contemporary means being able to appeal!


Possibilities of use for your business?

Manufacturers and brand shops

Call to action, branding, info panel, navigation, entertainment.


Info panel, creative processing of the offer, 24/7 service.

Other retail

Call to action, info panel, navigation, entertainment.

Public administration, public places.

Info panel 24/7, navigation, entertainment.

Increase attractiveness of your business place

Attract attention to your shop.

Call to action

Process promotions & novelties and attract customers to your shop.

Information and navigation function

Offer information on your products including navigation through your business location.

An assistant support

Provide service outside your opening hours or unburden your sales assistants during peak hours.

Entertaining function

Offer your customers a pleasant use of time while waiting, kid´s corner.

Support of contemporary image

Of your brand.

CRM innovation

Quality evaluation of promo event effectiveness

Based on accurate data.

Do you adapt to the modern times? Show your customers a new face!


Projection on glass

GIMMO Virtual Promoter” (ViP) is a device working on the principle of a projection on a glass coated with special foil. The glass can be placed in space or in a shop window. The device is equipped with the most advanced motion sensor that can recognize and contact passersby. It responds to gestures and sounds; creates an illusion of a real person.

Projection on glass


Playful selling

GIMMO Virtual promoter functioning principles

ViP from inside of the store or from the shop window attracts attention of passersby by addressing them proactively.

By communicating with current active user, ViP also attracts a larger number of passive bystanders.

Promo function is accomplished unobtrusively in the background by providing information or via an entertaining application.

Measured data

The device monitors and measures all passersby. In the ViP evaluation process the passersby will be divided into three groups:

People that pass without stopping.

People that stop and watch.

People that proactively try the device.

Up to 70 seconds!

Up to 70 seconds!

About 7 % of passersby stop and watch on average of 40 seconds, 2 % of passersby proactively test the device and spend on average 70 seconds on it. The device keeps customers´ attention much longer than any other type of media. Percentage of expressed interest is significantly higher than in other measurable media (internet).

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